8 is my favorite number so I’m kinda excited. Also, no one else has posted this yet so I have to wait until tomorrow to post a comment. (edit: I posted a comment to Carrie’s blog.)

Genre Discussion

We know that rhetoric is a way to communicate ideas persuasively, but we really never talked about how genres could be considered rhetorical. Definitions of what a genre is give a pretty bland explanation about the classification of a piece of literature. What I think we can do is say that genres can be considered rhetorical devices in the way that they connect with the reader and challenge the opinions of the reader. The different subject matters shown in separate genres all show the same plotlines, boy meets girl, girls likes boy, boy doesn’t like girl until some big moment of euphoria where he sees how great she is, and various other generic plots. The way in which the characters deal with the situation in the separate genres reflect the “assumed opinions” of the genres. Now I say “assumed opinions” and I’m not sure if I’m thinking too into what a genre could be or what kind of influence the author’s opinions have on the storyline. What I mean by the assumed opinions is that certain genres seem to put off this attitude towards the situations I mentioned earlier. The trend right now that I’ve seen in genres is that there’s the unknown girl who likes the more well known boy and I could go on but I think you understand where that goes. The different genres handle this situation in separate ways, young adult gives the fru fru lovey version where love prevails, and sci-fi gives the hard core woman who doesn’t need a man to help her but gets him anyway, and the true science books give you hard core facts about pheromones. Any way you look at it just seems like the genre is trying to get the audience to deal with globally recognized simulations  in the way that it thinks they should deal with it. I’m probably way off, but I just thought this could be an interesting take seeing how literature has a pretty extreme effect on the opinions of the reader.


4 thoughts on “BLOG NUMBAH 8

  1. Abby, I agree with you because everything we have talk in class have make big constructive discussions, and we can see that everybody has different understanding of the ideas but I like what you said about rhetoric and genre, it all make sense.

  2. Abby, I agree with Cris in that everybody has a different idea about how things work. Further, I like that genres connect with the reader and challenge their opinions. Without that, reading and exploring new works wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

  3. I agree completely with the fact that you said genres have the ability to connect with the reader and challenge their opinions and beliefs. I also agree that genres hold a set of “assumed opinions”.

  4. Abby, I like how you stated that genres can be considered rhetorical devices. I completely agree with this, although I had never thought of it in that way. I also agree that genres connect with the reader and challenge their opinions, but I think that there is more behind that. Without the specific use of language and symbols used when challenging the readers opinion, I don’t think genres would exist. To me, genres challenge the reader, but in a unique way by incorporating all of the means of rhetoric.

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