Technology, Fetishism, and Lord of the Rings

In class last week we had a really intense discussion about how the ring represented technology and we also talked about how we felt about the article “Is Google making us stupid?” I think we were getting pretty heated about this topic and I think we need to go back to it and really focus on what we were talking about.

First off, I’d like to make my stand point blatantly clear: I think that technology has given us many short cuts, but I do not think that it has made us stupid or lazy. The technology we possess as a generation and as a nation is absolutely astounding, there are people working in the mag lab who are LISTENING to different atoms colliding with each other.  How could you categorize an entire population as lazy when such fantastic discoveries are being made in this century?

Any way, enough on that subject. What about the fetishism discussed in the philosophy book? My biggest question is how did someone even think of that!? It’s a great theory and yes I see some circumstantial evidence that may support it, but it’s such an abstract thing to wrap my head around. Especially the little blurb about the spider representing the fear of castration in males, Freud really got me there. Being a girl I guess I’m on the other side looking in, boys may think that not having a penis would be scary, but I definitely don’t represent the women who have penis envy.

It may be just me, but I think that that theory read just a little too far in to the story. Who would think of that? I really would like to know what you all thought of that theory in particular and where you thought the idea for it came from in the text.

Oh, and I commented on Sam Bartz’s blog.


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